D. Stone

“When Master Morris offered all parents a FREE month of cardio classes, I thought how hard could it be? I’d been working out with weights for years, doing group power but it never hurts to compare so, I took cardio fitness. After the first month, I couldn’t give it up. There are positive differences doing the cardio workout at BMA.”

Marie S

“After a certain time, my body hit a plateau working out with the weights. The only way to get stronger was to go up in weight but this taxed my joints. At BMA, using bands, resistance, balance and core concentration made my muscles a lot stronger without elbow, shoulder and knee issues.”

Cardio Mom

"The instructors at BMA are not there to workout, they are there to work you out. Body strength equals body change. I am stronger and I look it."

Cardio Participant

“I work out regularly and hard, but I didn’t know what working out really was until I came to Barrington Martial Arts. In just a few weeks, I have worked and strengthened every muscle in my body. I can already see the difference.”