3 Week Womens Fitness

Each class offers custom full-body barefoot workouts that strengthen, tone and sculpt the entire body. Our classes incorporate the latest exercises and fitness equipment that include; kettle bells, medicine & stability balls, sandbags, TRX, rip cords, body weight and exercise bands. All classes are custom designed and programmed to be motivating and FUN.

Because of our expertise we can always make each exercise less demanding or more challenging to fit your specific needs.

Our program is designed to get every client toned and in better shape. Each class is made up of motivated friendly like minded people who want to get in shape using the latest effective cutting edge exercises. So let Coach Morris help you reach your goal of getting in shape, getting sculpted while dropping sizes.

"No matter what a program says it does or can do, its all about RESULTS. So the questions is, does your program get you RESULTS, get you in shape and dropping sizes safely, we do! We've been getting our clients RESULTS, trimming down muffin tops, getting clients to fit into their jeans with athletic looking bodies. In fact for the last 10 years we've had a 100% success rate with all clients that followed our program.....BAAM!"....-Coach Morris